Deadeye: As the last level in the game it is imperative that the level be complicated enough to challenge the player greatly while taking use of most of the features introduced to the game so far. 


Image 1: A simple modelling of some cogs, these models polygon count is a little higher than  would like but will be okay for presenting purposes. the act of using normal maps and good textures means that artists can keep the polycount of objects low while still looking impressive.

2: A UV map is taken of of the object to ensure effective texturing, creating the UV map also allows for specific designs to be placed in specific places. This will help with the center design later on.

3: The next image is the base texture that I plan to use for the cogs, however with a few adjustments in Photoshop I have added the Mayan symbol to the middle of the cog. 

With the texture established and looking good I then create a normal map from the texture and symbol. This gives the cogs their battered, rough feel and engraves the symbol in the center. 

The last image shows the final product.

Deadeye: A few of my assets, textured and rendered with lighting to make them look snaaaazzy. I have created and combined normal maps along with their relevant textures to create the aesthetics of these assets, which when un-rendered are just plain circles and gears.

I shall do a walk-through on the process soon.


Fire arrow level 1 design.


Fire arrow spawn level design.


Step by step walk-through of Ice level 2.


Step-by-step walk-through design of ice level 1.


Ice spawn design.


After our most recent play test, some criticisms were made about misunderstanding and misdirection in some of the levels. So I have re-designed level 2 with this in mind, the player can not progress immediately as he begins, being prompted to shoot the button whereupon he realises that he must shoot buttons to progress.

I shall be changing some of the other levels in this manner as well.

These images show my assets in their environment, in this case within level 1. the items shown are all relevant to the environment and Mayan theme that we decided upon. It is obvious that I may need to tweak some of the textures and normal maps I have used at this point but I am happy with the current results.

Image 3 shows the jumping puzzle room, with some simple platforms that I have modeled, the lights have been adjusted and tweaked often to try and achieve lighting that we as a team are happy with.

Image 4 showcases the irregularity I have tried to bring in to the environment. Previously I assembled the assets within the dungeon perfectly, everything was laid out on tables and look great. however, as the environment is supposed to be ancient the perfect, tidy layout did not suit. Instead, I began throwing objects around the level, flipping them on their backs, pushing them onto the floor and spreading them out.

This layout of assets fits the environment a great deal better than previously, also leaving the player with the though of ‘what happened here?’.